Weddings – What to Expect


I absolutely love photographing weddings because I loooove love. Like, love it. And your wedding day is going to be full of love. There’s the love between you and your fiancé/ée but there’s the love your mom shows, smiling through her tears while watching you get your makeup done. Or the love in your dad’s eyes as he’s dancing with you at the reception. My goal is to capture the love and emotion in all of those moments and more. The moments between moments that you don’t even have time to see because the day goes by so very quickly.

To inquire with me about being your wedding photographer, first you’ll send me a message. Indicate your wedding date (if you know it already) and include any and all information about you that you want! I like to hear it all.

I’ll get back to you usually within a day and we will set up a time to meet! I’ll show you my work in print (because it’s even better than online!) and learn all about your love story…so far. :)