Sunsets and Antlers | Sharri + Blair

Sharri + Blair are engaged and set to be married this coming June! We had an awesome time at their engagement session last fall. Some of my all-time favorite things were there:

1. Beautiful light.

2. Seriously fun people (Blair CRACKS ME UP, see some of the evidence below of his wicked sense of humor).

3. Antlers.

Okay so number 3 isn’t technically one of my favorite things, but when Blair said he had an idea for some photos at their engagement session I was all ears — I always hear from the brides but sometimes grooms just don’t speak up! :) Blair is a hunter and he really wanted the bling he’d given Sharri to be photographed on some antlers. So he brought some! Definitely one of my favorite photo session memories to date and the image turned out pretty great.

Excited for your wedding, guys!



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