Field Frolicking | The Andre Family

I first met Kara when I photographed a lifestyle newborn session for her probably three or so years ago, now. She is SUPER down to earth and I could tell right away that she was genuine and kind and those are two of my most favorite qualities in people. :) Her husband and little girlies are much the same way so naturally I was stoked to have her book another family session with me last summer!

I drove out to Tomohawk, AB to shoot their family session on some of their family’s farmland. Having never been out there before I had no idea what to expect but I ended up really happy that:

  1. Kara legit found some good spots, it wasn’t all in her head ;) and,
  2. That we had gorrrrrgeous summer evening light (“golden hour” people) to go with these awesome locations.

Seriously, though, one of my favorite sessions to date. I am so extremely fortunate to have such a fantastic job that lets me meet dozens of amazingly awesome humans who are raising even more amazing humans!! Yay for awesome people procreating!

SO totally off topic now. Enjoy the Andre family’s photo session. ;)

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