Edmonton Winter Engagement Photographer | Kate and Brendan

Kate and I first met at our consult in 2014 — she brought her mom along because Brendan, her fiance, couldn’t make it. While I really love and prefer meeting both partners, Kate and her mom and I had an awesome meeting and enjoyed getting to know each other! Despite Brendan not being able to weigh in his own first impressions of me before booking, they took a leap of faith and chose me as their wedding photographer. I am SO glad they did.

I got a chance to hang out with Brendan and Kate last winter for their engagement session in southwest Edmonton. We hung out, tried to stay warm, and prayed our vehicles wouldn’t get stuck in the snow off the side of the road! (Haha!) I love being able to have these low-key, fun engagement photo sessions with my couples because it’s paramount that I get to know them THIS way. As they normally are. Wedding days can be stressful and while wonderful and beautiful and fun, they don’t necessarily represent real life very well. So getting to know the bride and groom through fun engagement photography seems like a win — I am aiming to learn:

  1. how they pose together, naturally,
  2. what makes them laugh,
  3. what they enjoy doing together, and
  4. what kinds of poses flatter them.

Engagement photos also give me an opportunity to show off who I am to the couple, as well! I honestly work really well under pressure and my clients pretty much always state how cool and flexible and fun I was at their weddings. But then they aren’t super surprised, because my engagement sessions are run the same way — we move a lot, we don’t stay in the same area for very long, and we laugh. Did I mention we laugh? Like, a lot. It’s a good time. Always. :)

ANYWAY, here are some photos from Kate and Brendan’s wintery and snowy engagement session in Edmonton…brrr! Hope you enjoy!

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