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I’ve known this woman for…omigosh Tricia, is it almost 14 years?! Darn near anyway! We met when we were young spry little ladies and working at Old Navy when it first opened at West Edmonton Mall. We were fast friends and y’all, Tricia is one of the most genuine and HILARIOUS people I’ve ever known. For serious.

I met up with T, her boyfriend Kris and her daughter Zoey (whose 5th bday was this weekend!!) to take some family photos at NAIT in North Central Edmonton…and was able to witness such an incredible bond between Zoey and her mom. You guys, it was beautiful. I know how cheesy that sounds BUT I DO NOT CARE. Zoey calls Tricia, “Mumma” and that makes my eyes well up because, well:

  1. not only do my kiddos call me that sometimes but,
  2. it’s what I call my own mother to this day!

All together now: Awwwww!!

These girls love each other, that’s so obvious, but watching them you see something more…they admire one another, they enjoy one another and holy cow, do they laugh together!! I feel so so lucky to have been picked to capture their connection in photographs at their family session. (Kris, totally fun to meet you too — thanks for making Tricia AND Zoey smile and laugh, they’re lucky too, to have you in their lives.)

Here’s a couple of images from their lifestyle session that stood out to me first — hope you enjoy ’em!

I take limited sessions December-February to recharge and spend time with family before wedding season starts up again in the spring, but I do have some openings so if you’re interested in a lifestyle session this winter, contact me soon-ish to avoid disappointment. :)

Thanks again for picking me to photograph you guys, Trish!

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