One year ago next month, I was blessed to be a part of Haley’s birth day. Her mom, a long time friend of mine, and I had been texting for a couple days as she’d been feeling contractions for almost a full day before she was admitted into the Misericordia hospital in Edmonton! (She was even sent home the day before — poor mama!)

I headed over to the hospital and little Haley didn’t make things easy for her parents & grandmother who were waiting for her. She finally joined us a long 12 hours later!

Here are some of my favorite images from Haley’s Birth Story — I especially love the ones of her supportive daddy providing comfort and love to her strong mommy.  The connection and raw emotion was felt by everyone in the room and I hope it is conveyed in my images as well. (Click to view her birth story slideshow.)

Happy almost-first birthday Haley; Auntie Lindsay loves you!


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