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  1. Cherry blossoms (though, full disclosure, they’re actually apple blossoms in Edmonton…yep, I know, I was all, “Whaaa?!” too but it’s true. I Googled it.)
  2. Lifestyle family photography of not one, not two…no, FOUR beautiful little girls (and they’re smokin’ parents too)!

Without further ado:

I’ve been photographing this awesome blended family for several years now. Each year I look forward to seeing how much the girls have grown and each year it’s a TON! We always have a wicked fun time together and I love how involved the kids get, with their photo ideas and guys — they’re like, legit excited to hang out with me too!

This is the first year that I really had a chance to get in on the major photographer-freak-out season — CHERRY BLOSSOM SEASON. Typically mid-to-late May, but it depends on when the snow melts in Edmonton, which we all know can happen as LATE as late-May but we aren’t here to talk about the weather. We’re here for lifestyle photography! Amirite?

Here’s a highlight slideshow video of some of Shauna’s family photos from this spring…love you guys, see you next year!

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