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I’m having a WINTER SALE on birth photography for 2013/2014! Receive $200 off all birth sessions booked (means retainer paid, contract signed) by October 15, 2013. You can view sample slideshows from past birth story sessions here. Contact me ASAP if you’re interested as I have extremely limited availability because I only take on 2 births OR weddings per month so that my clients get the best possible service from me. :)

Explaining Birth Photography | Edmonton Birth Photographer

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(cont’d from previous post: “What is Birth Photography and WHY ON EARTH would I want it?“) EXPLAINING BIRTH PHOTOGRAPHY Birth Photography is BEAUTIFUL. Many people jump to the conclusion that birth photography is gruesome. Meaning that they assume the focus of birth photography is on the actual birthing of the child — yet this couldn’t be further from the truth! In fact, most clients do not book a birth photographer to capture baby crowning or capture the “money shot” at all! Couples hire professional birth photographers to document the few hours preceding birth and, most importantly, the few hours following. These are the times that are filled with love and… Keep Reading

What is Birth Photography and WHY ON EARTH would I want it?

father holding his newborn baby's hand hours after birth photography edmonton alberta

“What is Birth Photography and WHY ON EARTH would I want it?” I’ve actually heard those words more times than I can count. The first couple of times they came out of people’s mouths I was immediately thrown into defense mode. This is what I do! It’s only natural that I’m protective of my work, my passion…my art. But getting defensive doesn’t help anyone, anywhere so instead of reacting — I have taken the aforementioned opportunities to educate people on birth photography. In doing so I’ve also come to realize that I have seen birth photography differently since the beginning. Although I can’t remember exactly when I first heard about someone providing this… Keep Reading