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I met Jenn several years ago when I photographed one of her best friends’ wedding formals at the Devonian Gardens. Since then we have been friendly on the ol’ Facebook but then this past winter we ran into each other in the airport in Phoenix, AZ of all places. Jenn and her new fiance, Peter, were flying back to Edmonton from a holiday to visit Peter’s dad and our family was returning from a visit to Florida. In a super-quick airport kind of way, I congratulated Jenn on their engagement and she exclaimed that she’d be in touch soon about discussing photos for their wedding! A few weeks later we were sitting and sipping coffees and she was telling me about her plans for their big day, as well as filling me in on their super cute love story. (Their families have been friends for ages but they didn’t really know each other!)

Fast forward a little bit to earlier this week and we managed to nab some much-anticipated canola field photos as part of their engagement session set. :) We had to send lots of good vibes out into the universe as I sped out of Edmonton south to their acreage in Calmar in the pouring rain, watching as a dark black cloud of thunderstorms was following me in my rear view mirror! Jenn asked me to (please) still come out and chance it, saying, “So many times the storm just goes around us!” And she was RIGHT. It bypassed us, but still left us with some super cool cloud formations and some lovely sun falling across the canola. Ahhhh, Alberta summer skies.

Here’s a sneak peek of your pictures, J&P! I’m really excited for your wedding at the Royal Glenora Club next spring.

pictured: a couple embracing in a canola field and smiling

pictured: a couple's bodies standing together holding a white wooden ampersand sign between them, their heads not showing in the photo, in front of a yellow canola field

pictured: a couple embracing in warm sunlight in front of a grove of apple trees

pictured: a couple not looking at the camera, embracing in front of trees with sunlight behind them, smiling

pictured: a couple looking at each other in front of a red barn with loving expressions on their faces

pictured: a couple walking away from the camera along the edge of a canola field with glowing sun to their left

Pictured: a couple with noses touching and loving expressions on their faces, embracing in front of a bright yellow canola field and cloudy sky.

pictured: a couple leaning against a barn, heads touching in a warm embrace

A couple holding hands in front of an old blue house with white trim and a yellow door, looking at each other and smiling

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