Boots and Blue Trucks | Edmonton Engagement Photography

Ryan is my something-cousin. Haha! By this I mean that I am not particularly familiar with the “once-removed” family tree distinctions, so while I think that applies here I can’t be sure. Ryan’s mom is my first cousin because our parents are siblings…it’s after that things get a little dicey. In any case, Ryan is family. And his is the first “family wedding” that I’ll be photographing! Kailey & Ryan are tying the knot out in Westlock this August and I had such a good time hanging out on Ryan’s parent’s farm for their engagement photos last night!

Here’s a sneaky peek of the pictures — we had a bright blue truck that Ryan rebuilt from scratch, shiny silver granaries (you guys, I thought that was spelled wrong but it isn’t!), beautiful yellow canola and rolling hills scenery galore! Excited for your wedding in just a few weeks, guys. xox

a couple in a warm embrace with their eyes closed in front of long grass, reeds and a bright blue body of water a couple embracing against a building in a black and white photo, couple is laughing together a couple kissing in front of a red barn and bright blue sky behind a couple leaning on either side of a red barn opening, leaning on the wall and looking at each other a couple holding each other and looking at each other in front of a white and red building a couple cuddling on the tailgate of a blue truck parked in the middle of a dirt road with trees on either side a black and white photograph of two people smiling and looking at the camera in an embrace in front of a metal granary a couple walking through a field towards the camera, looking at each other and smiling pictured: a couple holding hands facing the camera against a bank of trees with a sun flare behind them

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