2015 YEAR IN REVIEW | Edmonton Lifestyle Wedding Family Photographer

You guys. I am so, so thankful for you. For real. Legit. Every single person who has impacted my business. That means YOU if you:

  1. Hired me.
  2. Inquired about hiring me.
  3. Thought about hiring me.
  4. Clicked “like” on a photo on my Lindsay Hood Photography | Edmonton Photographer Facebook page.
  5. Double-tapped to “heart” a photo or followed me on my Instagram feed, @lho_photo.
  6. Shared my work or my info with a friend, an acquaintence or on social media.
  7. Pinned my work or followed my boards on Pinterest, @lho_photo.
  8. Followed me on Periscope, @lho_photo, even though I haven’t done anything there yet! :) Haha!
  9. Looked at one of my pictures and thought, “that’s nice” or similar.

Seriously, all of the things above (and this isn’t an exhaustive list, there are family and friends and such that have supported behind the scenes too!) make my heart burst — I have had an incredible, full year with my personal life and my business. Sure, I have been so busy I wanted to rip my hair out and yep, I’ve had days when my kids made me wanna bury my head in the sand or snow or whatever…but everyone has hard stuff, and I am overwhelmingly grateful to everyone around me for helping to make this past year pretty much amazing. :)

Below are just a few of my very favorite images from 2015…and dudes, if you don’t see your picture in here it is NOT IN ANY WAY because I didn’t like your pictures at all, it’s more likely one of the following reasons (and if you know me well you can attest to these):

  • It is SUPER late at night and I may or may not have had a glass or two of wine, hence, I am forgetful,
  • I am forgetful even without the wine,
  • I am also super disorganized in my file systems so even though my work SHOULD be well organized, it ain’t, so if I missed you it was a legit oversight.

Please know I love each and every person who shared their story / stories with me this year — thanks for choosing me to capture your moments for you!

I am very much looking forward to 2016 and hope to see each of you on the other side of my lens again soon. Best wishes to you all for a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!



PS: If you’re interested in a throwback, here was the blog post for my 2014 YEAR IN REVIEW!

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