What is Birth Photography and WHY ON EARTH would I want it?

“What is Birth Photography and WHY ON EARTH would I want it?”

I’ve actually heard those words more times than I can count. The first couple of times they came out of people’s mouths I was immediately thrown into defense mode. This is what I do! It’s only natural that I’m protective of my work, my passion…my art. But getting defensive doesn’t help anyone, anywhere so instead of reacting — I have taken the aforementioned opportunities to educate people on birth photographyIn doing so I’ve also come to realize that I have seen birth photography differently since the beginning. Although I can’t remember exactly when I first heard about someone providing this as a professional service, I know that I wasn’t surprised or disgusted or shocked. I was touched. I was…moved. I was jealous I didn’t have a professional photographer present at either of my two labour & deliveries!! But not everyone sees it that way and I aim to educate (and hopefully change that). :)

mother and father admiring their new baby born in the tub water birth photographer edmonton

Water Birth Photography at the Lucina Center in Edmonton, AB. Copyright Lindsay Hood, 2012. DO NOT COPY | DO NOT PRINT

In a series of blog posts my plan is to outline what birth story photography is, what it offers to clients (both expectant mothers and their partners and families) and why in the world you’d wanna have an almost-stranger in your delivery room or living room or birth centre or bedroom while you’re having a baby. You’ll find out that no two births are the same and that people from all walks of life and all cultures and philosophies are hiring professional photographers to capture their labours & deliveries whether you choose a home, birthing center or hospital birth. By the way, a cesarean is a birth and a c-section baby definitely has a wonderful story to be told. :)

father holding his newborn baby's hand hours after birth photography edmonton alberta

Hospital birth photography at the Misericordia in Edmonton, AB. Copyright Lindsay Hood, 2013. DO NOT COPY | DO NOT PRINT

Stay tuned, coming up next: EXPLAINING BIRTH PHOTOGRAPHY


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