The Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Birth Photographer

The Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Birth Photographer | Edmonton Birth Photography

In my two previous blog posts: EXPLAINING BIRTH PHOTOGRAPHY and What is Birth Photography and WHY ON EARTH would I want it? I have been explaining what a birth photographer does and why they’re hired to do what they do. Here are my thoughts on the top 5 reasons one should hire a birth photographer to document their child’s birth story.

  1. Birth photography leaves you feeling empowered. Postpartum women are hormonal. I know, it’s such a trivial way of explaining that their emotions are at an all-time high and not just the “good” emotions, either. New mothers are filled with adrenaline and exhilaration after delivery and in the days following experience ups and downs, physical and emotional pain, stress and love and relief and exasperation… The opportunity is there to think back and remember labour and delivery in a negative light — but a professional photographer is able to tell the birth story in a miraculous, bright and moving light. Most of my birth clients watch their slideshows and cannot believe how strong they were. Birth photography offers another angle on labour and delivery — the one in which the mother and the miracle of her body are the star of the show.

    mother and father kiss immediately following their baby's birth photographer edmonton

    Hospital birth captured by Edmonton Birth photographer Lindsay Hood. Copyright 2013, all rights reserved. DO NOT COPY | DO NOT PRINT

  2. It only happens once. Maybe second only to your wedding, the birth of your children will be the next-most important moments in your life.  Each birth is different, each story deserves to be told. You hire a professional to capture the love and togetherness surrounding your wedding day and love story — it only makes sense to hire a professional for this momentous occasion as well. If you hire a professional to photograph your baby’s birth story, I promise you will not regret it. From experience I can say, though, you will regret it if you don’t.
  3. The whole family is in the pictures. If Dad or Grandma or, gosh forbid, YOU are in control of the camera then part of the celebration is missing. The focus here is on the entire story, the whole journey, and a professional photographer will ensure that everyone is present and in the moment.

    a father holds his newborn son skin to skin while mother looks on from hospital bed following birth photographer edmonton

    Hospital birth at the Royal Alexandra Lois Hole Hospital for Women in Edmonton, AB. Copyright Lindsay Hood, 2013, all rights reserved. DO NOT COPY | DO NOT PRINT

  4. You’re guaranteed professional (read: high quality and beautiful) images of one of the most important milestones in your life. Often expectant parents think that it will be easy to capture the “important moments” and/or that the birthing team or hospital staff will be able to get some good pictures of you during your labour and delivery. Then the day (night?) actually arrives and whether it doesn’t go “as planned” or you’re focused on delivering a baby instead of directing photos…an experienced birth photographer won’t lose focus on their job, which is to capture all of those moments. Your story will be told seamlessly and will be even more beautiful than you remember.

    birth photographer edmonton

    Water Birth Photography at the Lucina Centre in Edmonton, AB | Copyright Lindsay Hood, all rights reserved. Do NOT COPY | Do NOT PRINT

  5. Babies change super quickly. In a matter of hours your newborn baby’s cone-shaped head is beginning to round itself out. Their “newborn look” only lasts a couple of weeks and then it’s gone forever. Professional images of your NEWLY born newborn are priceless.

Hopefully this has given some insight and education into the why’s and what’s of birth photography. It’s a growing market and, I think, a type of photography to invest in.

I currently have a promotion for birth photography sessions if booked by October 15, 2013. I also offer “fresh baby” sessions in hospital or in home within 48 hours after birth. As always if you have any questions, feel free to contact me!

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