Summerside Lake | Edmonton Family Photographer

I’m going gung ho here to catch up on blogging — I feel like I’m always saying that, right?! Anyway, I know it’s good for SEO (that’s search engine optimization, for those who don’t know) which theoretically will help people find me on google. You know, if they’re looking for me. I mean, if they’re looking for a family photographer in Edmonton. Of course, that’s me versus 900 other family photographers in Edmonton…let’s just say that I get all of .005% of my business from google searches but it doesn’t hurt to try. Besides, blogs are fun when you have the the time to write/compile them!

Moving on. Last year I photographed Ayesha’s adorable family. She’s another homeschooling mama and we met through the homeschoolers group we’re both a part of on Facebook. We were able to get some really nice images in their neighborhood, at Summerside lake in south Edmonton. The little beach area, the boats, the pretty houses and the gorgeous evening light…well, here are a few of my favorites from their session. :)




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