Rivals in Love | Edmonton Couples Photography Engagement

If you don’t know me well, then you may not know that I’m really not a sports fan. That’s not to say that I don’t enjoy an occasional NCAA football game with my college-football-obsessed husband…it’s just that I can take it or leave it at this point in my life. There was a time during my high school and university days in the US (Georgia, to be specific) that I was definitely fully engaged and interactive with the team-sports-centered culture there (dating players helped, ha!) buuuut be it changing priorities or just plain ol’ tired of the drama, I don’t know much about current sports etc. But some people really value sports and identify with their teams HARD…

Enter – Megan and Kyle. I used to work with Megan at Alberta Health and when she asked me to take some pictures of her family (her love, Kyle, and their pups!) I was super excited! They are SO fun and we spent the whole session laughing. They’re also major hockey AND football fans…and the catch here is that they root for rival teams…in both sports!! There’s never a shortage of good ol’ fashioned bragging rights in their household. :)

Check out their fun session’s highlights below. :)


edmonton-engagement-photographer-family-couples-photography-edmonton-1.jpg edmonton-engagement-photographer-family-couples-photography-edmonton-2.jpg edmonton-engagement-photographer-family-couples-photography-edmonton-3.jpg edmonton-engagement-photographer-family-couples-photography-edmonton-4.jpg

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