Five at Home | Edmonton Family Lifestyle Photography

I technically met Katie through Todd, her brother, when I photographed his and Carina’s SURPRISE WEDDING in St. Albert last summer…but our paths may have actually crossed much earlier in life because it turns out that Todd, his other sister and I all went to the same elementary school at about the same time! Such a small, small world (since I met Carina when we both worked for Alberta Health Services, separately from Todd)!

ANYWAY, I had the pleasure of photographing Katie, Paul and their three sweet little blonde kiddos several months ago in their home. I loooove family lifestyle sessions because the kids are so much more comfortable in their own enviornment! It takes them less than a quarter of the time to warm up to me as it does at an on location session because they love to show off their rooms, toys, books and stuffies! :) And as a mom I love lifestyle photography because it’s a beautiful way to remember the precious every-day moments that pass by so quickly.

Here are the highlights!

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