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labouring mom in hospital bed resting edmonton birth photographer

Edmonton Birth Photography at the Misericordia Hospital. Copyright Lindsay Hood Photography, DO NOT COPY | DO NOT PRINT


Birth Photography is BEAUTIFUL. Many people jump to the conclusion that birth photography is gruesome. Meaning that they assume the focus of birth photography is on the actual birthing of the child — yet this couldn’t be further from the truth! In fact, most clients do not book a birth photographer to capture baby crowning or capture the “money shot” at all! Couples hire professional birth photographers to document the few hours preceding birth and, most importantly, the few hours following. These are the times that are filled with love and anticipation and exhilaration and stress and fear and expectation and some more love…all of which is captured, timelessly, on camera.

Birth Photography is FREEING. Professional birth photographers are hired to provide a photojournalistic-style service typically during active labour, delivery and the first couple of hours following delivery. We are a fly on the wall during which time a labouring mom is able to have her support person(s) available to assist her 100%. Partners aren’t worried about getting this shot or that one — they’re able to fully experience their child being born, just like Mom is. Following the baby’s birth little details like fingers and toes are captured in artistically composed images and guess what? Mom AND Dad are in the pictures! True emotion is brought out in each image and clients are free to just feel.

father looking on as labouring mom is in birthing tub water birth photography edmonton

Birth Photography at the Lucina Centre in Edmonton. Copyright Lindsay Hood, 2012. DO NOT COPY | DO NOT PRINT

Birth Photography is FOREVER. Hiring a professional birth photographer ensures that this once in a lifetime event is celebrated and re-lived again and again through slideshows and albums. It is so easy (and okay!) to get caught up in everyday life with a newborn baby (and then a busy toddler and then an active preschooler, and so on…) that the memories of this pivotal event fades quickly. Like wedding photos, they are physical reminders of one of life’s biggest milestones. Baby has outgrown those clothes, she’s no longer in diapers, she doesn’t use those blankies…it’s hard to recall how tiny she was. The images commemorate the birth story and will forever evoke feelings of love.


a baby being born edmonton birth photographer

Hospital birth photography in Edmonton, AB at the Misericordia Hospital. Copyright Lindsay Hood, 2012. DO NOT COPY | DO NOT PRINT



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