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The reasons I became a photographer get blurred together sometimes — this career allows me to work from home and it’s a creative outlet for me. It also combines my interest in technology and math with my love of interacting with people…I could go on and on. It is so, so perfect for me in so many ways. However, in thinking about all of the aspects about being a photographer that fit perfectly with me and with my life there is one constant — family. I started taking pictures to preserve memories. Funny memories of my family in my adolescence, crazy memories during high school, memories I wish I could forget in university…! But I got really serious when my husband and I were starting our own little family. (I’m sure the many gigabytes uploaded to my Facebook account from 2007-2010 can attest to that!) It’s taken me a few years to find “my style” but I think I’m getting into a groove. A place where I feel proud and confident in the work I deliver to my clients and truly feel connected to it, and them, as well. I aim to deliver memories to my clients — whether they are wedding, birth or family photography sessions.

I do not offer advanced retouching because I just don’t believe in it. That is your body. Don’t ask me to change it! You earned the stretch marks, the wrinkles and the grey hair. You’ve spent your time living and loving and each of those attributes tells your story. Those are your children. Don’t ask me to alter them! The chocolate on their sweet faces represent the joy they had while eating it. The dirt under their fingernails reminds you of the hours they spent in the sand box building and pretending and laughing… The scrapes on their knees makes you recall their determination and persistence in learning to ride their two-wheeler. They’re spending their time living and loving and these things tell their story.

The background of an image, for me, is a no-brainer. I am not changing it because that is where we were! That is what it looked like! That’s what happened, that’s what color it was! I minimize distractions in the backgrounds of my photos while I’m taking them because I want my clients, my subjects, to be the focus of the image. Look, I’m not saying that the posed, retouched or studio sessions that result in traditional family portraits aren’t worth commissioning. They are! But candid, loosely-posed images, to me, are the ones you’ll cherish most. They are the ones that will evoke the emotions and tell the story of your lives. :)

Below — my own kids illustrating some of the above. My frame of reference, if you will. This is why I am a lifestyle photographer. I’ll only speak specifically to the first image. Even though it was very quickly and loosely posed, it is not retouched. You can see the chocolate remnants on their mouths, their dirty hands and their scuffed knees. But looking at it even now (the image was taken only 3 months ago) I have tears in my eyes. I know that their childhood will be so short…and looking at this picture (printed to 16×20 in my home office) will bring these precious memories flooding back for years to come.

To honor my lovely kiddos I will be offering IN-HOME FAMILY LIFESTYLE SESSIONS to be held October – March on select dates. These sessions will include the same as my family sessions as well as a complimentary custom designed album from the session. A book of memories for you to cherish, always. Contact me for details and availability.

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