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Jolene and Dale are truthfully two of the most genuine and kind people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. Within 10 seconds of sitting down with Jolene at West Edmonton Mall, with both of my little ones in tow (at Starbucks of course!), I felt a connection with her. (My daughter fell in love with her fashion sense — Jolene was impeccably dressed for anyone, nevermind someone 6 months pregnant!) We laughed a ton and I just knew we were a great match. :)

I am possibly most passionate about photographing birth sessions because it’s the culmination of a couple’s love for one another — manifested in the form of a child. Birth is nothing short of astounding, a true miracle, and the emotions that surround this once-in-a-lifetime event are so important to capture. I love being able to do this for couples so they are not only able to be in the moment together without having to worry about capturing their memories on film…but they’re also able to re-live their baby’s birth over and over again by watching a touching slideshow set to music or turning the pages in a professionally printed book.

Late on November 1, I got a text around 9pm that Dale was taking Jolene into the city to Lucina Centre at the advice of their midwife — things were happening! I already had my bag packed, batteries charged and ready to go because I’m on call for at least a week before my birth mom’s due dates…so I was out the door shortly after when Dale called to say that it was a good idea for me to come on down! This was the first time I was able to photograph a midwife-assisted delivery and I was really excited to photograph it! (Beckett’s was my third birth story; the previous two births I’d photographed had been hospital deliveries — including Haley’s birth story here.)

I thank my lucky stars that I live super close to Lucina as it was not long after I arrived that Beckett joined us! Jolene was amazing and the midwives at the birth centre were phenomenal in assisting her with her water birth! The facility is impeccable and guess what — they even made her breakfast after the delivery! Everyone I encountered was warm, welcoming and incredibly supportive — especially Dale, who kept Jolene’s favorite songs playing on her iPhone throughout her labour.

Here’s the slideshow I made for Jolene & Dale as a keepsake that documents Beckett’s birth story. You can also view the gallery of his birth story photos, see more details about birth photography or contact me to discuss it.


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